Want More Online Customers?

Starting down the road to expand your audience or increase your customers online can be a daunting task. Understanding your options is important.
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Want More Online Customers?

Gaining new customers online is easy.  Just setup your website, create your facebook/Instagram page and then that’s it.

Well…  if only that was True!!
The reality is far more challenging and having a good digital marketing strategy is the key to success.

But with the myriad of options from SEO, Facebook, Instagram to even LinkedIn and Bing, it can be very difficult to choose.

Let’s run through some of these options

#1 SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

No matter what anyone tells you, SEO is a longer-term strategy.  Most honest digital marketers will tell you that real progress takes around 2-3 months.

But that cannot be guaranteed.

A variety of factors such as your chosen keywords and how much competition there is will all play part in determine the real length of time.

Selecting obvious and highly competitive keywords are likely to take longer to reach your desired goals whereas going for ‘long tail’ (longer keywords) are more likely to provide you with more modest but immediate traffic.

What is important is that the correct SEO analysis and a good overall SEO strategy is what is going to win out in the end and give you your desired results.

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#2 Pay per Click

Google Adwords or Bing Ads is still an effective strategy for gaining new leads and sales.  Many potential customers still use Google to search for products and services and as a result the market for adwords will always work.

This strategy will give you immediate traffic but at a cost.

It’s very easy to setup an Adwords account and start spending on Advertising.  Many businesses try and then leave because their campaign didn’t work or they were getting ineffective leads.

This is why it’s very important to have an Adwords expert working with you to promote your core values and your USP (unique selling proposition).  But also, ensuring that you don’t overpay for keywords while receiving top quality leads.

Realistically, it’s not advisable to execute a paid Campaign without an expert managing this for you.

#3 Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn in recent years have grown to become highly engaging.  So much so that Facebook has over 15 million users in Australia.

That’s a lot of potential eyeballs.

So you setup your page on Facebook and then you get your friends and family to like your page.  That’s great.  But now what?

In the end you want to provide engaging content.  This means videos, blogs, or other media that is going to get the attention of your audience and enough for them to like, comment or (hopefully) share your content to others.

This strategy can gain you likes and traffic over time and your customers will like and even review your business.  You definitely should encourage this as a new audience will be looking at those to determine whether to purchase from you.

#4 Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Of course, you may want to give an immediate boost to sales, or to reach out to a specific audience.  The ease at which you can ‘Boost’ a post on Facebook

This can be an effective strategy and facebook is good at learning the audience which gives you the best reaction or clicks, etc.

But be warned, an audience that comments, likes, shares or clicks is not necessarily going to be a good lead.  Facebook will most certainly optimise for those reactions but what’s important is to have clear goals and conversion metrics setup so you know which boosted post is giving you the most results.

It is also highly important to select the right demographics, geographic areas and interests to maximise the market segment you are trying to capture.

Facebook can be very effective, however, the number of options, tools and advertising options is starting to make this a more complicated platform to advertise and it’s important to get these right to maximise the benefits.


And Finally..


Overall, it is important to select the right mix of digital advertising to ensure your business is getting the best possible chance to succeed.

At Web Step Up, we can assist you with this and provide some honest, down-to-earth advice on what is best for your business.  Give us a call now and we can discuss your needs today.

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