Pay Per Click or Organic SEO?

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Pay Per Click or Organic SEO?

While Social Media is an ever increasing digital marketing tool, for many businesses a strategy targeting Search is far more effective.  At this point the question turns to whether an expensive Paid Campaign is required or will an SEO or Organic Strategy suffice.

Which solution is appropriate for you largely comes down to your product, location and competition in the marketplace.

Generally speaking, if there are high competition and a saturated market you really need to consider a decent marketing budget.  An SEO campaign alone will likely take the time to improve traffic, and in the meantime, nothing is selling and your customers don’t know about you.

In a previous article, I mentioned a variety of paid spend measures for an e-commerce store. Many of these measures can be used and it’s important to get the right mix of digital marketing for your business.  Either way, you need to make sure there is the adequate margin in your product or service to accommodate a sustainable marketing spend.

Now, what if you have an unsaturated market with high demand and low supply?

In this case, you are likely to find an SEO strategy to be effective on its own.  It will establish your business and low competition should translate to a quicker rise to the top for a variety of search terms.  It does mean you may need to go for a high performing SEO strategy to increase the speed and guarantee of a 1st-page position but this is a great position to be in and your reduced spend can go towards lower introductory prices or other initiatives.

Ultimately, if rank is a concern, most clients should consider a combined SEO and PPC strategy.  Eventually, the SEO strategy will provide clicks and lower your PPC costs but in the early stages it’s important to bring the customers in because if they aren’t clicking, calling or buying then you don’t have a business.

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