LinkedIn Marketing B2B Lead Generation – How it Worked For Me?


LinkedIn Marketing B2B Lead Generation – How it Worked For Me?

Linkedin is something I have been looking to use for some time since I noticed the increasing level of spam that was coming into my LinkedIn mailbox.

However, I noticed that it didn’t annoy me as much as email spam.

In fact, I was very open to opportunities.

So I did an experiment, and came up with a well-researched strategy and went to work connecting with individuals to see if Leads would be reached.

I used my own techniques from Facebook and other Social Media campaigns that have been successful with clients and started off with finding high quality and relevant connections.
What happened was not exactly what I expected. The response was entirely positive and it was clear that time spent targeting the right people and getting the right strategy really paid off.

Now I was connected with new decision makers which were exactly the people I needed to connect with.

But did I receive leads?

The short answer is Yes. However like most social media, it’s all about timing. Many were interested but not straight away. Some were keen and I did have several appointments that resulted in conversions. But I see patience being an important factor here.

Looking to do this yourself?

I would provide the following tips to increase your chance of success.

1.      Good Strategy. Make sure you know exactly who you want to target and ensure your message is targeted for them

2.      Create a Template. Create a friendly, professional message, but don’t be afraid to adjust and do a bit of research into each of your connections so you can tailor it to them.

3.      Allocate Time. Block out a portion of your day to dedicate to this effort. It takes appropriate care an attention to do it correctly and with success.

4.      Develop your Connections. Communicating with interested individuals over time will maintain interest and should deliver results down the track.

Will this work for you? That depends on your business and your target audience. This has not only worked for me, but also one business who is now using a similar technique.

Ultimately, LinkedIn is not going to suit all businesses but it’s certainly an additional tool to the Digital Marketing Toolbox.

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