Facebook Marketing & Content – Common Mistakes

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Facebook Marketing & Content – Common Mistakes

Facebook Marketing & Content – Common Mistakes

Before reading this make sure you have read the Top 3 Tips for Facebook Posts


So you have some great content and you want to post it on your page?

Or perhaps your organisation wants to entice their existing customer base with a promotion?


Facebook makes it very easy to provide and post content onto your organisations page.

However, I see the same mistakes being made and it’s important to avoid these common pitfalls


Pitfall #1 – Make sure to Stand Out

Always ask yourself, why would my audience stop and view this?

Your audience is going to be sitting down to use their spare recreational time to read their newsfeed.  In between cat videos, news events and other items they see your post.  It might be a sponsored ad or it might be shared by a friend.

So what is going to stop and get their attention?

Make sure it stands out and offers a compelling reason for your audience to stay and engage.


Pitfall #2 – Less is more

Keep the word count as brief as possible.

Think carefully about your wording choices.  Your interaction with your audience may be short, and the initial words will be the most important.  Make every single word count and ensure they are in the right order.

For example, if you have an offer of 20% for an item.  You want to make sure that is early in the text so that your audience sees it and then is encouraged to read on.


Pitfall #3 – Engaging Images

Images and Videos are everything.  While the textual content is important, that makes up a small percentage of a post.  The image and video take up the lion’s share of the screen real estate so make it count.

Without a highly engaging image your post will not be as effective as it could be and you may well be missing out on


Pitfall #4 – What do you want your audience to do?

It seems obvious but it’s surprisingly overlooked.

There might be mention of a Sale, Offer or some other promotion.

But then there’s no indication of link to the website nor a phone number to easily act.

Give your prospective customers an easy path to buy your product, call or fill out form. Make this process easy and you will see higher conversions.

A small tip, if you do include a link.. double check that it works.  It’s easy to make a mistake here but it takes seconds to check that it’s ok.


PitFall #5 – To Boost or not to Boost

With the perfect facebook post, you now want to boost it.  But you are not sure whether it’s engaging enough?

If you have a reasonable number of likes on your facebook page (100+) then you could gauge the results over a couple of days.  If likes, commentary & shares occur without spend this might be a good indicator that you have something that will be cost-effective and engaging with a larger audience.

The more engaging the item the cheaper it will be.


Finally, Facebook rewards engaging content.  Get everything right and not only will your posts be shown to your followers but also be shown for free or cheaply to an expanded audience.

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