Email Marketing – How to Combat Rising Costs of Google and Facebook


Email Marketing – How to Combat Rising Costs of Google and Facebook

There is no doubt that Facebook and Google are now dominating Digital Advertising Budgets. A recent article in Investopedia highlights there dominance.

However, while Digital Marketing Professionals now have greater ability, reach and tools to advertise to a growing digital audience it comes with a risk. That risk is, much like google, advertising costs for both platforms are likely to rise.

Gone are the days when you strove for likes on Facebook and every post was seen by your audience. Equally, the days of simplistic SEO is now (thankfully) behind us with new content now critical to SEO success.

In addition, greater specialisation in the industry is likely to mean that fewer businesses will be able to afford the expertise and budgets required in the future.

But there is one strategy that will help to reduce costs over time and allow businesses to regain more control over their Google and Facebook spend now and in the future.

Email Marketing.

Do you have a email newsletter?

Do you have a email subscription list?

If you said No to the above, you may be missing out.

With all the focus on Social Media, Adwords and SEO it’s easy to ignore this ‘old school’ but highly effective marketing method.


There are key advantages to Email Marketing

  1. Reduced Cost
  2. Greater Control Over Content
  3. Highly Measurable

But is it Too Late to Start Now?

Definitely Not. If you are looking to do this you need to identify a good strategy to collect email addresses. Your website should encourage it and if you have any current Digital Ad Spend you should consider how you can leverage this spend to gain subscribers.

Even if you don’t intend to provide email content for some some time it’s still important to start increasing subscribers. Each subscriber will become an increasingly valuable asset as digital ad costs rise and your business can reap the rewards in the future.

If you’ve made it this far, then it’s worth mentioning that if you are interested in a Digital Marketing Strategy review or specifically looking at expanding your Subscribers or just want to find out more give me a call 0466 736 761 or email on [email protected], and I would be delighted to discuss how we can work together.

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