E-Commerce Sales – Driving Traffic and Conversions

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E-Commerce Sales – Driving Traffic and Conversions

Do you have or are looking to start-up up an E-Commerce website?

The recommendation is always to have an SEO strategy but this can take 2-3 months to provide value.

So what do you do?


Luckily there are a number of options to consider such as  Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram.


Google Adwords

A simple mechanism is to target searches for keywords such as ‘widgets’ or ‘gold widgets’.  These would be created to target those customers wanting ‘widgets’ or a variation on those and drive traffic to your E-Commerce website and/or directly to the products.  Keep in mind that your product will not be shown in such an instance, a textual advert will need to provide enough compelling information to the prospective customer to drive clicks and sales.

This can be an effective strategy but consideration should be given to the click cost to ensure that it’s providing the right value

An effective remarketing/retargeting campaign should also be considered so you can ‘win back’ an indecisive customer and gain additional sales.


Google Shopping

The google shopping network requires a bit more effort to setup but has the added benefit of showing images, pricing of your product.

You have less control over the display of the advert, but it can be a much stronger enticement for sales.  Many Google Shopping campaigns are more successful and have a higher ROI than their text-based counterparts so it’s definitely worth considering.

Google shopping does require expert knowledge to set up and get going so this is an area where you should seek expert advice before taking the leap.


Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Finally, Facebook Ads are a great way to show-off your products to a wide audience.  Particularly if there is not a ready-made audience already searching for your product.

Where a product is visually compelling this is a great way to show your products and gain likes, engagement and product sales.

Additionally, reviews of your products and commentary from others (i.e. testimonials) will drive legitimacy of your brand and increase the likelihood of a conversion.


Overall, make sure you have clear conversion measures so you can understand which campaign is working and the ROI of each.  This will allow you to focus your advertising dollars on your successful campaigns and also use the results to drive into new advertising where each dollar should eventually be providing increasing returns.


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