AutoUpdates for WordPress 5.0: Your Website is at Risk in 7 Days!

AutoUpdates for WordPress 5.0: Your Website is at Risk in 7 Days!

WordPress is more secure today than it ever was thanks to the provision of frequent security, bug and feature updates that are regularly provided.

Most wordpress websites are setup with automatic updates switched on which means that these security and other updates that give new features are automatically updated.

Normally these updates are minor, but 5.0 is a considerable update with some reports that it’s the most significant update to wordpress in almost a decade. This update is scheduled for 19th November.

“Most Significant Update in Almost a Decade”

So what does this mean for your website?

In short, it could be that this change could create a major problem. WordPress themselves have started sending warnings to web administrators that there could be unintended averse affects from minor layout changes to websites being unusable or completely down!

So what can you do?

1. Switch Off Auto Updates

You could switch off auto updates but this will open your website to attack.

With bugs and security updates not being applied you may find your website not working, hacked or worse. In addition, many hosting providers will not allow you to switch these off as it also opens them up to attack.  

If you are able to or allowed to switch these updates off, a security incident is unlikely to be something that will occur immediately but your risk increases each and every day these fixes are not applied.

2. Wait and See

You could keep a close eye on your website the days immediately after the 19th of November. Automated updates don’t always occur on the same day. But generally they are within 2 weeks after the release of the updates.

Waking up to find your website is down with no ETA to bring the website back is not a pleasant situation to be in.  Worse, you may find yourselves with costly bill at the end when it’s all resolved.

3. Manual Update  ** RECOMMENDED **

The Best Option is to engage the use of a professional to manually update your website.

This process involves

  1. Taking a backup of your website
  2. Test-run simulation of the upgrade to WordPress 5.0
  3. All bugs, issues fixed
  4. You can then view the website in this test environment
  5. Upgrade your live website

If you need the services of a professional to achieve the above we are offering full Backup, Test and Check for $195.

This also provides you with a version of the website to view running the latest version of WordPress 5.0.

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